My experience with Commonwealth Real Estate Services

Allens Mobile Villa






UPDATE: "April 25th 2023"

Someone has been shooting Cats with a beebee or pellet gun in Allens Mobile Villa! Another cat was poisoned about 2 months ago!

Please keep an eye out for your pets!!!


Below is the picture that Commonwealth evicted me for!

I ask Matt Young for a couple wheelbarrows of gravel. That day I found an eviction notice taped on my door by Matt. The next day I received 2 more in the mail from Commonwealth Property Management! GIVE ME A BREAK!   Funny thing is, is that all 3 notices were deemed  "INVALID" by  Legal Aid of Oregon, Roseburg office!

So, Matt works 4 hours a day, 4 days a week in his little office and Shae spends her time operating a weed whacker! 

While I was there, this was true but very limited. My area was weed whacked once in the 9 months I resided there. And when Shae was weed whacking, It was like WW2! I had so many rocks and debree hitting my RV I just couldn't believe it!  NO COMMON SENSE AND NO CONCERN ABOUT PEOPLE'S PROPERTIES!

Below. There are literally dozens of potholes like this thoughout this mobilehome park! most as bad or worse than this!.

Below is the mess I had to clean up because maintenance does not exist in this mobilehome park

This garbage sat here for nearly 1 month! Matt said it would be gone when I moved my RV into the space.


Above. These people moved in after I left. They are parking where Matt Young told me not to park! There were 4 cars in that space just the other day. Please tell me how this works? This place is so out of control and mismanaged!